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Chai Neighbors' mission is to help us live well within a community of friends, while fostering caring and Jewish values

Havdalah August 21, 2021

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Clinical TrialsAlexandra Levine

CLINICAL TRIALS:  What are they all about?

Alexandra Levine, MD, MACP

Development of new medications has exploded in the past decade, based upon newfound scientific discoveries. Prior to approval, new drugs are first tested in the lab (test-tubes) and if successful, tests are then done in animals, and if they seem to work in animals, these tests are finally carried out in people. The folks who agree to participate in these experiments, called “clinical trials” may clearly benefit in terms of  their own medical care. Additionally, their generosity also provides massive help to everyone else in the society who may benefit from the information learned through their participation.

Dr. Levine will explain what clinical trials are all about: What are they; How do they work; Who pays for them, and Why are they important?

February 28 - 3:00 PM

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Great Decisions

This is a wonderful opportunity to remain current on some of the major issues of our time and share your views about them.

There are 8 topics for the year with an article for each in the briefing book.

Each session is preceeded by a short, pre-recorded lecture on the topic followed by a small group discussion.



February 9

Energy Geopolitics

March 9

War Crimes

May 11

China & the US

June 8

Economic Warfare

July 13

Politics in Latin America

August 10

Global Famine

October 12

Iran at the Crossroads

November 9

Climate Migration

February 9, 2023 | 7:30 PM

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